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If you think of your own home, you can probably pick out at least five issues you have with it off the top of your head. But walk into a stranger's home and you immediately notice the perks of living there. Rediscovering the beauty in every unique nook and cranny of my home was one of the components that led to Isolation

Put simply, Isolation features an unidentified figure inside of their house. As an artist who enjoys ambiguity it is difficult to place one immutable meaning behind these images. The best way to convey my own attachment to this portfolio is to explain how it came to be: 

This series was born amidst a certain amount of chaos and confinement in my life. I had almost completed a different portfolio altogether when my brother got into an accident shortly after my father's car kicked the bucket. Scheduling for photoshoots became difficult, the weather sucked, and nature was still dead to Winter, so I started to take photos of myself alone at home. 

It's possible that these photographs portray my own emotions at the time of my solidarity or perhaps reflect on the correlation between myself and each room. What I write here could be the temporary answer to an unsolvable problem. All that's left to do now is to wonder.